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  • Edge Team (NEA Staff)

    8 members Newsfeed: Jun 9

    Edge Team Intending 2015

    We are…

  • Desire Map

    3 members Newsfeed: Sep 23

    Fostering the discovery of our Core Desired Feelings, clarifying what we truly want in every area of our lives, and using that powerful awareness…

  • CCSS Collective Circle

    67 members Newsfeed: Nov 21

    The CCSS Collective Circle is made up of all members who have taken part in a CCSS training. This includes those who have completed an…

  • Mayan Wisdom

    5 members Newsfeed: Sep 16

    This is a private space for the group working with the Tata.  In this space we share dreams, notes, and organizational information.  

  • Spiritual Archaeology

    24 members Newsfeed: Jun 7

    For those dreaming of the pursuit of ancient secrets...

    The Search for Atlantis, and many other ancient places and such that we have the…

  • CCSS: Heart Foundations of Shamanism

    34 members Newsfeed: Oct 23

    This is a village made up of all circle members who have experienced a Heart Flame, Flow, Growth, and/or Wisdom Training in Shamanism on the…

  • Way of the Circle

    15 members Newsfeed: Jul 3, 2013

    This page is for participants of the Way of the Circle program at CCSS.

    This training offers us…

  • The Power of Change ~ Reiki

    5 members Newsfeed: Sep 25

    This is a place to share stories for healing and support.

  • The World Drum

    26 members Newsfeed: Nov 23

    This village is to connect all relationships of the World Drum.

    The World Drum Project came to life October 21, 2006 during a ceremony in…

  • Life Yoga

    11 members Newsfeed: Nov 17

    Life Yoga is a yoga and Zumba studio based out of Kingston,…

  • FireKeepers

    11 members Newsfeed: Sep 17

    This is a village for Peace Villagers who are called to offer support and leadership as "firekeepers" in their villages and…

  • Celtic Shamanism

    36 members Newsfeed: Oct 24

    This Village has been created to celebrate the Indigenous medicine of the Gaelic and Brythonic traditions. The central base of the Village is at…

  • Plant Spirit Allies

    2 members Newsfeed: Nov 14, 2013

    A Village to celebrate the ancient wisdom of our Plant Spirit Allies.  Share your stories, poetry and journeys to honour the Gifts and Teachings…

  • Mongolian Peace Tree Village

    10 members Newsfeed: Nov 16, 2014

    In the center of our village grows a magnificent tree, white strips of cloth adorn its branches. Around this sacred tree is a circle of shamans,…

  • 7th Shamanism Circle: Rock Star Seed Circle ℗

    12 members Newsfeed: Feb 8, 2014

    This circle is the discussion forum and community space for CCSS Two Year Advanced Shamanism training at Northern Edge Algonquin.

  • Lomi Ohana

    7 members Newsfeed: Sep 23

    This village is an online home for the collective Lomi Lomi family, for sharing photos, questions, pieces, updates, notes, songs, and for bridging…


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